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The trusted fashion resale site with real people behind real profiles.

Our vision

Our vision.

BuyMyWardrobe is devoted to making the experience of buying and selling pre-owned fashion exciting, stylish, inspirational and fun. Our mission is to build a trusted social shopping site with real people behind real profiles - a place to browse and be inspired as well as buy and sell pre-owned designer fashion.

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Our guarantee

BuyMyWardrobe was launched to tackle the growing problems buyers and sellers faced when selling pre-owned designer fashion online.

Our aim is to to offer a trusted place where buyers and sellers can connect. We act as the intermediary that facilitates the transaction in a protected environment.

BuyMyWardrobe started out as exclusive fashion recycling events held in upmarket locations around London and in August 2012 evolved into an exciting new online destination to buy and sell pre-loved designer fashion.

TRUST and QUALITY are our key areas of focus.

To ensure QUALITY of product - all sellers are vetted through an application process and sellers are given strict guidelines on what they can sell and best practise for offering an exceptional service to users of the site.

We actively manage the site and check items that are listed. We work with a network of authenticity experts who regularly trawl our site to flag any items that might be a cause for concern. Any seller who falls foul of our guidelines risks losing their seller membership permanently.

To ensure TRUST amongst our network of users - we ask all our sellers to use REAL names and PHOTOS, profiles include a short bio to give some background to the seller. This is helpful for buyers to trust the person they are dealing with.

Unlike most other online resale sites we offer a 7 day no quibble refund policy so if you're unhappy with a purchase you can always get your money back. To ensure this policy is upheld and to protect against fraud we hold payments in escrow for 14 days in case of disputes.

We are passionate about building a fun and trusted place for you to buy and sell your wardrobe items. I hope you enjoy using the site.

Kal, Founder and CEO.

Our mission.


Our mission is to redefine how pre-owned products are sold.

We aim to build a trusted social shopping site with real people behind real profiles. We want our sellers to capture and share their wardrobes in creative ways to deliver a unique resale experience. We want to create a product feed that sets us apart from other re-sale platforms.

We want to innovate, differentiate and speak the language of our audience. We want to represent people. Their tastes, their desires and their lifestyles.

We want to build deeper connections. By matching women with similar tastes and styles, regardless of their lifestyles, we want to encourage conversation, aspiration and social sharing.

We want BuyMyWardrobe to be a place to browse and be inspired as well as to buy and sell pre-owned designer fashion.